Vellore City

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Area : 6077 sq.kms
Population : 9,00,000
(As per 2008 census)
Altitude : Above Sea Level
Climate : Hot
Warmest Months : March to October
Coolest Months : October to February
Language : Tamil, English, Malayalam & Telugu are widely spoken
Major Industries : Leather, Educational Institutes, Hospital, Chemical, Tanneries, Matches,
Automobile, Silk, Steel Fabrication and small industries.
Highlights : One of the best hospitals in Asia, the C.M.C Hospital is situated in the
heart of the city well known for Heart Surgery and Physiotherapy.

Vellore Institute of Technology which is a world class educational
institute is situated here.

The great Sepoy Mutiny 1857 originated from Vellore in the year 1806.
This was the first Indian freedom fight against the British.

Yelagiri Hills, Amirthi forest and the Vellore fort are famous tourist spots o f Vellore District.

Vellore, the Headquarters of Vellore District, is well connected by rail and bus routes to major towns of the neighbouring states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. The history of the District assumes great significance and relevance, as we unfold the glorious past. The monuments found in the district give a vivid picture of the town through the ages. It was under the sway of various dynasties and rulers, the prominent among them being the Pallavas, Cholas of Uraiyur, the Rashtrakutaa dynasty of Malkhed, Sambuvarayar, The rulers of Vijayanagaram, Mamathas, the Nawabs of the Carnatic and the British. The outstanding performance of this district in contributing to the Military Service is commendable, as more and more men have enlisted themselves to the Military Service, to serve the nation with indomitable spirit and courage. The economic condition of the district in the earlier stages was not very sound, in the absence of major industries. Thanks to the sustained efforts and vigorous policies of the Government, industries like Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Ranipet, Tamilnadu Explosives Ltd., Katpadi have been set up. Besides, there has been a marked growth of small scale industries and Tanneries in the district. This industrial activity has not only generated employment opportunities, but also contribute4d to economic growth. The innovative self help groups of women are also playing a very useful role in building rural economy and helping rural women to be self reliant. Vellore’s cultural impact in the society is also very significant. Some of the traditional arts of the District are the Therukoothu, an art form of folk theaters, kokkalikottai, which is a famous traditional dance. But it is also a matter of solace to note that some of the handicrafts for which the vellore district is renowned, are still flourishing