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Sukma Collector Alex paul menon today released from moaist

Abducted by Maoists in Chhattisgarh state, the District Collector's Sukma Alex Paul Menon to be discharged today. However, the 12-day kidnap drama comes to an end one way.
This year On January 16 the Peninsula in Chhattisgarh state, the newly developed cukma first Collector of the district, the Most from Menon was appointed by Alex Paul. He was 20, the Maoists kidnapped by. This release, the prisoner, Maoist and tribal prisoners to be released so that the condition was imposed. Two days ago, this happened in negotiations, the prisoners release to study, a high level Committee under the Government promised.

The plan change: this is appropriate Maoists, "Menon, on 2 frees' said. Suddenly yesterday night, local journalists Maoist party sent a text message, and Menon, 3, the tatmetala village journalists the freedom to be had. For this, the government side in negotiations conducted harkop and both have come to the village by helicopter cintalnar PD Sharma. 5 km from the village, a remote village in the tatmetla are carried along by a two-wheeled vehicle. tatmetla 80 km from the city sukma, is located.

Menon, Anand and his wife, Asha's brother Anand's elder brother, both from the city cintalnar cukma go to the village. Menon agog waiting for the release of most of his family. City Sukma people welcomed her release.