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Harley Davidson Fat Boy Special at Rs 20 lakh

Harley-Davidson India has announced the addition of the Fat Boy Special model to its portfolio in India.
If you thought that the Harley Davidson Sportster SuperLow was the lowest seating Harley Davidson in town, time to think again. Harley Davidson India has come up with a new style job for the legendary FatBoy, but with a couple of design changes to go with that “Special” moniker.

The Harley Davidson FatBoy Special will feature a redesigned seat and a lower handlebar, that will make the FatBoy the Harley Davidson with the lowest seat in the motorcycle maker’s portfolio. But that should hardly fool you into thinking that the Harley Davidson FatBoy Special will now attract plenty of women riders due to the lower saddle height for the motorcycle still weighs a very porky 313 kilograms.

Apart from the seat and handle change, the FatBoy Special also gets a satin chrome finish to make for a new color scheme. The motorcycle also gets plenty of blacked out stuff like the wheels and the fork gaitors.