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Collector Alex paul menon problem in relieving

Raipur: Maoist new criteria, the Collector Alex paul menon liberate was a problem.
Chhattisgarh State, cukma District collector Alex Paul menon Most people, on the last 20, were kidnapped by Maoists. Efforts to liberate him, said the state government of Chhattisgarh. Government and the Maoist party, the group has been formed and held talks. The group, yesterday continued their negotiations.

New Condition: In this case, the Maoist party, through email, the media has a message. In it, "we the people, 17 people, Chhattisgarh state, the number of prison. Their release. Us with the request, the Government's position is that, apparently to make. Then, Collector Alex Paul menon for freeing time deadlines can be extended, as, they said. The structure of the eight men could relieve the Maoist party in the first published was. month 25 date of the request to fulfill, and they spoil guidelines. Currently, more than nine people and relieve that, Maoist and the new criteria, the Collector Alex Paul menon rescue effort was a problem.

Why Alex paul menon kidnapped? Maoist party in the email sent to the media, why collector Alex paul menon is kidnapped. Maoists said: cukma youth in each district, the police beat and killed. The case for change was a case of suicide. Menon and Alex Paul, he was a collector, this incident took place. Cukma against the people of the district, the police, started unleashing violence. In our effort to restore the kidnapping persons, Chhattisgarh state, adheres to an indifferent attitude. The position of the transmission, not the state ignores. He said the Maoists.