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CAG findings put Delhi CM in the line of fire

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has hit back after the BJP went hammer and tongs over the CAG report on the Commonwealth Games. She said that she has nothing to hide even as the CAG slammed the Delhi government for irregularities in CWG spending.
The Delhi Chief Minister is in the line of fire with the CAG report holding her responsible for excess expenditure of over Rs 100 crore during the CWG. Dikshit has become an ideal candidate to be attacked, with the Opposition now demanding her resignation. What is adding to the Delhi Chief Ministers' woes is the CAG trail going straight to her family. It says that the Chief Minister's government gave IL & FS contracts to clear debris near CWG projects without inviting bids. Her relatives work in this company. The Delhi BJP has asked for an independent inquiry about how the contract was given to IL & FS. The CAG trial also says that the Chief Minister did not opt for competitive bidding for road signages in the capital causing a loss of Rs 14 crore. Out of a total of Rs 2,239 crore six projects spent , six projects were implemented by the PWD, working under the Delhi government under the direct scrutiny of the CAG. Bloated contractors profit and overhead charges amounted 37.5 per cent according to the CAG. The PWD department headed by Sheila loyalist Raj Kumar Chauhan admitted bids on random papers and the contracts for signage systems were awarded in violation of established guidelines.