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Boat sinks in Assam nearly 200 people killed

Guwahati: Assam, the Brahmaputra river in a boat accident in the accident, to be feared than 100 people died. Retrieving the bodies of many a storm, the rain is a major hurdle, the national disaster authorities and military forces and police have been sent a top official said.
Assam, go from Tupri to Hatcinkimari, 250 to 300 people went on a boat. Pakirganj near the partition, the Brahmaputra river, the boat went, falls unexpectedly in an accident, more than 100 died in the water, feared drowned. 103 so far recovered as and body. 25 people swimming in the river, seems to belong to the shore. 100 people were still search. Location of the accident, military, police and fire and rescue operations went on. In addition, six vessels involved in a search through the border security forces. With heavy rain, strong wind threw this accident, the preliminary investigation revealed.