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It's 2011 and it's time to take control of your job search. This year, it's no longer up to companies to hire you, it's up to you to get hired. Forget about how the economy is doing. Reflect on last year if you must, but then forget about that, too. This year, your focus will be on finding the right job for you and doing everything you can to be the best candidate for that job.

Here's how to turn the tables in your favor.
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1. Narrow your search.
2. Know exactly what you want.
3. Reevaluate your skill set.
4. Set goals.
5. Try something new.
6. Get a leg up on the competition.
7. Get a hold of your online reputation.
8. Start a website.
9. Stay current.
10. Sell yourself.
11. Keep that glass half-full approach, all year.